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Platform First

You’ve been there, you have a killer new idea for the web and can’t wait to start iterating.  Naturally you jump in head first and start coding,

"rails new my_killer_app"

You plan to add mobile apps as well but that will come later, you need to get your site up ASAP.

But can you afford to put off your mobile strategy?  With the sales of smartphones and tablets now officially eclipsing the sales of PCs, the desktop browser is slowly moving away from being the central part of a service. Development teams need to step back and refocus.  A new project should not begin in the browser, it needs to start out as a platform.

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Authlogic and Sinatra for server side login

These days, if you are building a web based service then you are also going to be building a iPhone, Android, or mobile web site to complement it.  If your mobile apps require a user login then you need to provide an authentication method on the server side that can be called via a secure REST interface.

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